Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney

Although a large majority of people in the United Kingdom do not have a valid will, the benefits of having such a document cannot be overstated. A valid will carries the assurance that a person’s estate will be divided between beneficiaries of its choice in the manner set out in the will.

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The terms of the will override the so-called “rules of intestacy” which will apply in the absence of a valid will.

Fitz Solicitors write a lot of wills over the course of a year. After an initial meeting with a client to establish clearly its wishes regarding executors (who will be responsible for administering the estate), beneficiaries (who will benefit under the terms of the will) and guardians (where a beneficiary is a young child). We then produce an initial draft reflecting our understanding of our client’s wishes and request any changes the client may seek after reviewing the first draft document. Once the client is satisfied with the content we will prepare an engrossed version of the will and arrange for the client to sign and and to have witnessed.

We like to go through the whole process within a week to avoid unnecessary delay and to achieve a successful conclusion.



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